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About Time Protein GIVEAWAY!!

8 Sep

I am excited to announce that….

I will be teaming up with About Time to do a giveaway for all my lovely readers and followers!!


I never found a protein powder I loved AND was clean, until finding the company About Time. I am so excited for the opportunity to allow a lucky follower to win and be able to try my favorite protein powder!

From my blog and instagram, you have probably realized my love of making protein based recipes with this powder. It is so delicious. And for once, a powder that is natural, using only stevia as a sweetener!

This will be a giveaway via Facebook and Instagram :)


How do you enter?! There are two ways you can enter (enter both ways for a better chance!):

  1. On Facebook:
    1. Go ‘like’ FreshFitnHealthy on Facebook
    2. Write on FreshFitnHealthy’s wall: I want to be entered into the giveaway!!  Or whatever nice thing you would like to write :)
    3. Also, share the giveaway photo above (or click the link) with your friends too!
  2. On Instagram
    1. Go Follow @Freshfitnhealthy on Instagram
    2. Share the giveaway photo above and tag @freshfitnhealthy and #FFFgiveaway

***As an extra bonus for a greater chance to win, if you buy my friend Amy and I’s  ebook (found here), and email me saying that you bought it, I will enter in your name two more times to the drawing!***

Pretty simple..huh?!

Sorry to all my worldwide friends, but this is only open to those in the US.

The giveaway will run from the 9th-15th, and the TWO winners will be announced on September 15th at midnight!

Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

7 May

I will be making many of these while home this summer. Experimenting with all different flavors. They are seriously the best. So easy, just combine a couple of ingredients, put it in a mug, and microwave until done! Why wait to bake a dessert when you can just make this, single-serving one?!

Like I said previously, I told my mom I would help her get away from all bad foods and desserts, and cook her all clean dinners and desserts so that when she wants something sweet, she can eat it without guilt! And that’s when I came up with this..

It was inspired by a user called “Tasty Health” (http://www.tasty-health.se/). She makes some lovely mug cakes that are healthy as well! But I switched some things up, added some extras in, and came up with this lovely protein packed chocolate cake! And best thing about it, you make a fresh, hot one every single time, since it’s single serving! No more eating leftover desserts that have become hard and stale.

And no more feeling guilty about dessert when it’s this high in protein and low in carbs :) This is so healthy, it can even be breakfast if you’re in a sweet mood!

photo 1

Chocolate Protein Mug Cake
-2T whey protein powder
-1T oat flour
-1T cocoa powder
-1T greek yogurt
-4T egg white/beaters
-1/2 tsp baking powder
-Optional: vanilla extract, chocolate chips, coconut, nuts, peanut butter, anything!
Directions: mix altogether. Spray mug with oil spray and place mixture in mug. Cook in microwave for about 1-1.5 minutes, until done! Either leave in mug and enjoy, or turn mug over to empty cake on plate to eat. Place any additional toppings you would like. I added berries and healthy peanut butter sauce(recipe below).

Healthy Peanut Butter Sauce
-2T peanut flour (PB2)
-2T milk
-touch of sweetener if desired
Directions: Combine altogether and use as topping on anything or as a dip :)