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2 Delicious Chocolate PB Mugcakes (Reese’s Cup, and Chocolate PB Cinnabon)

3 Jul

This is what happens when a challenge arises. See, I may have stopped running competitively, but oh do I still have that competitive spirit! That is why I find it so fun to participate in these challenges via Instagram. Like I said in a previous post, one of my favorite instagram accounts to follow, TastyHealth, is putting on another fun challenge. Remember the last challenge she did back in spring, when I kept making those delicious pancake stacks?! (like here and here!) Well, now she is putting on a mugcake challenge! The first week’s theme was chocolate. Oh I do love my chocolate. I already posted my Mocha Coconut Latte mugcake, but I submitted two more entries this week as well! I came up with a delicious, Reese’s Cup mugcake, and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cinnabon mugcake!

Both were so absolutely delicious. I made one for my brother when he came in town for a few days, and then I also introduced my sister to mugcakes with the other one! They both were big fans. By the way, did I ever mention that my brother is opening his OWN RESTAURANT?! He is indeed! A healthy fast food type restaurant, called SoFresh! (click here for the website!) If you live near the Tampa, FL area, you should definitely check it out when it opens in July!! I am so proud of him :)

Anyways, mugcakes have become one of my favorite desserts when wanting something quick, healthy, yet delicious. Perfect for a college student or anyone not having much time to bake! I didn’t make them too often before this challenge, except for this chocolate one, but now I am hooked! Even though I still believe real food is of course always a better option. But when wanting a dessert, this is definitely a great option compared to most!

photo 4

photo 2

Got you convinced that you should make one yet?!

Reese’s Cup Mugcake
For Cake:
-2T peanut flour
-6T egg whites
-2T water
-1tsp psyllium husks
-1 scoop chocolate greens powder or 1T cocoa powder with stevia to taste
-1tsp baking powder

For Peanut Butter Cream Filling:
-2T fat free ricotta cheese
-3T almond milk
-2T peanut flour
-1/2 tsp pb extract (can omit)
-1/2 melted ripe banana

For Chocolate Shell:
-1/2 cup Greek yogurt
-2T cocoa powder
-2T honey or 1 packet stevia

Directions: Combine all mugcake ingredients together. Pour into mug and cook for 2 minutes. Melt banana in microwave in bowl for about 30 seconds (gives caramelized taste), and mix in the rest of all cream ingredients. Cut mugcake in half, and full with peanut butter filling. Mix together “shell” ingredients, and top cake with this ” chocolate shell”

Chocolate PB Cinnabon Mugcake

For Cake:
-2T peanut flour
-1T oat flour
-3T egg whites
-1T Greek yogurt
-1/2 scoop chocolate greens powder
-1tsp all natural pb
-1/2 tsp cinnamon
-1/4 tsp butter extract
-1tsp baking powder

For Chocolate Topping
-1T cacao powder
-1T water
-1T honey

For PB Swirl
-1tsp melted all natural pb
-1/4 tsp butter extract

Directions: Mix all cake ingredients together. Place in mug and cook for 1.5 minutes. Top with chocolate sauce. Swirl in melted pb. Top with cacao nibs if desired

Mocha Coconut Latte Mugcake with Coconut Chia Froth

26 Jun

Why are mugcakes one of the best recipes ever to make?

They are so easy! and NO waiting around for it to bake or cook! Usually, when I’m hungry, I’m hungry, and waiting around while something cooks or bakes leads to snacking and then not even being hungry when it is done. So mugcakes are a great creation :)

All you have to do is mix together a base for the “cake”, add the flavors you are wanting, pour it into a mug, and place it in the microwave for a minute or two. What could be easier than that?!

The inspiration of this flavor came from a local coffee shop I have up at my university. I wanted something new, something different. And when I told them I like chocolate and I like coconut, they created me what I would like to consider a little taste of heaven, and Mocha Coconut Latte.

I knew I had to recreate these flavors when seeing one of my favorite health accounts on instagram hosting a mugcake challenge, TastyHealth. If you haven’t checked her out on instagram or on thw web, you should do it now. This lady is amazing!

Anyways, so I went to work in my kitchen recreating this delectable latte flavoor into a mugcake, and this was my result. Let me tell you, it did NOT last very long at all :)

photo 2

Mocha Coconut Latte Mugcake

For Cake:
-1T coconut flour
-1T oat flour
-2T egg whites
-1T expresso or strong coffee
-1T coconut butter
-1T coconut or almond milk
-1/2 tsp coconut extract
-1/2 tsp baking powder
-1T honey/1 packet stevia or 2T date purée as sweetener (for no sugar added option)
Directions: Mix all ingredients together in bowl. Spray mug and microwave for 1.5 minutes.

Coconut Chia “Froth”
-2T Greek yogurt
-2T coconut milk
-1tsp chia seeds
-1/2 tsp coconut extract + honey (or 3 dates for no sugar added option)
Directions:  Blend together in blender. Top mugcake with “froth”

*Use unsweetened coconut, cinnamon and cacao nibs for garnish


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