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Healthy&Fresh Dinner Salad

29 Jun

Sometimes, you just want a big salad for dinner.

The problem: salads don’t fill one up and satisfy as a meal in itself most times

The solution: a huge, fresh salad creation full of fiber filling ingredients, and topped with a protein to keep that stomach satisfied!

I made this salad for my mom the other night, and she loved it! She was completely satisfied the whole night..of course, until I made her my healthy chocolate protein mug cake(recipe on site)!

If you’re wanting a lighter meal, this is a great option. If you’re wanting a more filling, satisfying meal, this is still great, just add a big serving of protein on top! Grilled chicken, salmon, or even steak would be yummy.

photo 4

Dinner Salad
-Spring Lettuce Mix
-5 cherry tomatoes, chopped
-1/4 red pepper, diced
-1 mini cucumber (or about 1/4 cup chopped)
-about 10 baby carrots, chopped small
-1/2 avocado, sliced
-2T nutritional yeast
-1T chia seeds
-1T walnuts
-2T dried cherries or raisins
-2T feta cheese
-2T olive oil/coconut oil
-1T balsamic vinegar
-salt and pepper to taste
-optional: grilled chicken, salmon, or steak to top salad
Directions: cut up enough lettuce and arugula to fill plate. Cut up all veggies and place on salad mix. Sprinkle nutritional yeast, seeds, nuts, cheese, and dried fruit on top. Drizzle oil and vinegar over all. Top with protein if desired. Enjoy!

Savory Chia Wrap (Single-Serving)

12 Jun

Chia seeds are so beneficial. Just 1 tablespoon, would be the nutritional equivalent of a smoothie made of the omega 3 filled salmon, iron rich spinach, calcium rich milk, and antioxidant filled blueberries (not saying you’d want a smoothie like that, but you get the comparison)!¬† So when I saw Chia flour, I knew I had to buy it! And of course, come up with a great way to use it.

There is nothing quite like a homemade wrap. Especially when it’s high in protein and very healthy! Last night I was wanting some kind of bread, but had run out of all my store-bought paleo loaf, so, I decided to create a wrap of my own. The best thing about this recipe, its for a single serving that you can make extremely quick! Or you can multiply the ingredients to make many. Either way, its a quick and healthy way to make your own wrap!

But what I did with with one of these wraps after making it was what became my dinner and was so absolutely delicious. I decided to toast it, and make a pizza, using this as my crust!

This recipe is so versatile. Use it in the morning with eggs, in the afternoon¬† as a turkey wrap, or at dinner like I did with making a pizza! No matter how you choose to make this, you will not be disappointed, because the wrap itself is so delicious. Did I mention, it’s only 4 ingredients?!


The darker ones are made of all chia flour, the lighter ones are made of 1T each: peanut flour and chia flour :)

Savory Chia Wrap
-1T chia flour (no chia flour? substitute any other gluten free flour!)
-1T peanut flour
-1/2 cup egg whites
-1/8 tsp baking powder
-salt to taste

Directions: Heat a pan on the stove with a touch of oil. Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, and mix until smooth and all clumps are gone. Pour “batter” into pan, and tip pan around to even out the batter around the entire bottom. Cook on low heat with lid on. When the wrap is set, flip on the other side to slightly brown. Remove from pan. Enjoy in any way you like! Feel free to multiple batter to make many like I did. Keep in refrigerator for up to a few days.

My Chia Wrap Pizza! I toasted the wrap until browned, and topped with cottage cheese and sauteed kale and bell peppers.

My Chia Wrap Pizza! I toasted the wrap until browned, and topped with cottage cheese, sauteed kale and bell peppers.

Sweet Potato Wrap

3 Jun

Sugar Detox- Day 15!

It’s the start of week three of my sugar detox, and still going strong! It is getting easier and easier to avoid foods with added sugar. I don’t even think of chewing gum anymore since I haven’t in so long (which is a miracle for me!), my teeccino (herbal coffee) with no sugar in the mornings is getting better and better (even though I still rather a touch of sweetener), and I’ve realized how much healthier it is to fill up on real food after a workout than continually make all these protein powder filled shakes and breads. And definitely NO artificial sweeteners whatsoever, which I am glad to say I will never put in my body again :) Overall, it has been such a healthy change in my lifestyle!

For lunch the other day, I created a homemade sweet potato wrap, and made a delicious turkey and arugula wrap with it! I liked it so much, that today, I made it for lunch again, but put some ricotta cheese on it and tomatoes, and made it into a healthy pizza! Mmmm. Make it for breakfast filled with fruit or eggs, make it for lunch filled with turkey and cheese, or make it even for a sweet treat filled with chocolate and fruit!

Sweet potatoes have so many great benefits to them, here are just a few that I found here:

-loaded with fiber (twice as much than a regular potato-7grams!)

-healthy for your heart (high B6 content and lots of potassium)

-rich in beta-carotene (good for cell repair and sun protection

-great source of manganese (stabilizes appetite for hours)

-Rich in vitamin C and E

As you can see, this wrap is a good one to make!

IMG_8101 IMG_8108

Sweet Potato Wrap
-2T pureed cooked sweet potato
-1T coconut flour
-1/4 cup egg whites
-1T almond milk
-salt to taste
Directions: Add all ingredients together and mix until thoroughly combined. Cook in pan on stove, flip on other side when set. Fill or top with desired food!

Salmon Cakes with Spinach and Apple

22 Apr

It started with finding canned salmon in my cupboard. I didn’t think it would taste too good just plain. So what did I do?

I created salmon cakes:)

Spinach is a typical add in to patties like this, but apple, that was something I just decided would taste good. And guess what? It did! Extremely good. Plus, with the cake being sprinkled with coconut flour, it had this sweet yet savory taste that was absolutely delicious.

These cakes are high in protein, and packed with fruit and veggies. What more of a healthy snack/meal on the go could you ask for?  Usually cake patties like this are packed with carbs like bread crumbs or flour..but not these. And of course, like all my healthified dishes, they taste amazing as well as being nutritious.

photo 4

Salmon Cakes with Spinach and Apple
-1 can of Alaskan salmon
-1/2 apple, diced small
-1 cup cut spinach
-1/2 cup egg substitute/ egg white/ 2 eggs
-2T low fat mayo
-2 T psyllium husk/ 2T ground flax/ 2T chia seeds
-seasonings: garlic salt, sea salt, onion powder, pepper, italian seasonings
-about 1/4-1/2 cup coconut flour
Directions: Place all ingredients in bowl except flour and mix until thoroughly combined(add more psyllium husk if too wet or more egg if too dry). Make into 9 patties. Sprinkle each side of patty with just enough coconut flour to lightly cover. Cook on stove on medium heat, flipping when brown. Enjoy!