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Total Body Strength 1

17 Mar


My family was never one to necessarily celebrate this fun holiday, but I know many people do! Whether it be making fresh corn beef and cabbage, or making yummy leprechaun desserts..What is you’re St. Patrick’s Day tradition?! Look back to Friday’s post about my Peanut Butter Apple smoothie if you want a healthy way to celebrate this green holiday:)

On to my post for today, I decided to take a break from my recipes and show you my side of fitness that I love!

Some people think that cardio is all you need. All they do is run or get on the elliptical/bike and call it a day. Well you might see a high number of calories burned while doing cardio, but once you stop, that’s where you’re body stops burning.

But did you know that strength work with weights actually allows your body to continually keep burning that extra fat long after you leave the gym? Research actually shows that’s for every pound of muscle you add, your body burns 50 more calories a day. It also shows that after a weight training session, your body can burn up to 15% more than it normally would have that day!

For the ladies out there reading: “Weight training is only for guys”, is something I hear pretty often. And that proves to be a true mindset of many young women, as whenever I go into the weight room section, I’m usually one of the few girls among the crowds of guys. But that statement isn’t true. And if you’re scared you’re going to look like this huge muscle builder by simply adding a couple of weight training sessions to your week, please throw out that false thinking right now! Weight work will allow you to keep toned and replace any of that unneeded, extra fat with muscle.

And if you are an avid runner or any athlete actually, strength work will help prevent injury. As a competitive runner for many years myself, I know whenever I began to have knee pain or other injuries emerged, it was always in one of my “weaker” times; times when I wasn’t focusing on any kind of weight work or on strengthening my body because of filling my time with all the miles demanded of me. But from experience let me tell you, you will never achieve your highest potential without strengthening your muscles. Your body just isn’t naturally made for 50 mile running weeks (which was my case back then), or for any very active lifestyle that is constantly pushing the body.

So to sum it up, whether your focus is on weight loss, staying toned, or competing to your best ability, strength work is something you should begin incorporating in your every week schedule! After resigning from my college running team, I’ve changed my idea of exercise and working out to a lot more “weight focused” rather than “cardio-focused” :) Below I’ve listed one of my many days at the gym. This one is a quick, yet a beneficial weight session that you can do in minimal time when you’re in a rush or have a lot to do. It’s one of my go to workouts as a busy college girl always on the run!


Strength Workout
-Preform 3 sets of the following 4 exercises consecutively: 25 squats with dumbbell, 25 db lunges, 25 kettleball swing squats, 10 push ups
-Rest 1 or 2 minutes in between each set and circuit
-Next circuit of 3 sets each: 10 reps each arm bicep db curls, 10 tricep extensions, 10 arm rows each arm.
-Ab time! 3 sets of each on ball: 25 crunches (with or without db), 25 side twists on ball, 25 backward crunches (as I like to call them, or what some people call “ball jackknife”.