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Sweet Potato Wrap

3 Jun

Sugar Detox- Day 15!

It’s the start of week three of my sugar detox, and still going strong! It is getting easier and easier to avoid foods with added sugar. I don’t even think of chewing gum anymore since I haven’t in so long (which is a miracle for me!), my teeccino (herbal coffee) with no sugar in the mornings is getting better and better (even though I still rather a touch of sweetener), and I’ve realized how much healthier it is to fill up on real food after a workout than continually make all these protein powder filled shakes and breads. And definitely NO artificial sweeteners whatsoever, which I am glad to say I will never put in my body again :) Overall, it has been such a healthy change in my lifestyle!

For lunch the other day, I created a homemade sweet potato wrap, and made a delicious turkey and arugula wrap with it! I liked it so much, that today, I made it for lunch again, but put some ricotta cheese on it and tomatoes, and made it into a healthy pizza! Mmmm. Make it for breakfast filled with fruit or eggs, make it for lunch filled with turkey and cheese, or make it even for a sweet treat filled with chocolate and fruit!

Sweet potatoes have so many great benefits to them, here are just a few that I found here:

-loaded with fiber (twice as much than a regular potato-7grams!)

-healthy for your heart (high B6 content and lots of potassium)

-rich in beta-carotene (good for cell repair and sun protection

-great source of manganese (stabilizes appetite for hours)

-Rich in vitamin C and E

As you can see, this wrap is a good one to make!

IMG_8101 IMG_8108

Sweet Potato Wrap
-2T pureed cooked sweet potato
-1T coconut flour
-1/4 cup egg whites
-1T almond milk
-salt to taste
Directions: Add all ingredients together and mix until thoroughly combined. Cook in pan on stove, flip on other side when set. Fill or top with desired food!