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Exciting News!!

16 Jul

I could not be more excited or happy to finally tell you all about something a friend and I have been working on!

I’m sure you remember me mentioning her name once or twice, but this lovely lady Amy, who goes by the name FantasticallyFit on Instagram (and also has her own website,, has become a dear friend of mine. Crazy to think when we live across the country from each other (me in Florida, her in California), but I feel as if I talk to her like I’ve known her for ages! Anyways, after talking a lot we had many people suggesting that we create an e-book of all our amazing recipes. That is when we knew what we wanted to do

We would create an E-BOOK together!!


So the exciting news is out of the bag now. We have been working so hard these past few weeks in perfecting unique and delicious recipes for all of YOU. We have a couple heavenly ones already, but please feel free to suggest anything you like and would want to see more of on either of our sites, or anything that you have just been wanting to see with any type of foods or diets!

Specifics? First let me clear up what an E-book is! It is a book that will be exclusively online, made up of over 30 recipes that Amy and I have created and tested for perfection. None of these recipes have been on either of our sites or instagrams before. Completely exclusive for those wanting to buy the book! We are planning on it to be done by the end of August, but haven’t set an exact price yet. Stay tuned to some sneak peaks into recipes that will be in our book!

Eeeee, couldn’t be more excited!!


My “All Around Campus” Workout

12 Mar

Bored with your normal workout routine? Tired of being cooped up in the gym? Having a hard time staying motivated up at college to workout? Well keep reading, because I think I may have a solution for you..

A few weeks ago I got up in the morning, put my shoes on, and head out the door in planning to run the half a mile to our stadium at the University of Florida to do stadiums (I’ll post some or those workouts soon!). But, as I got up to the stadium, the gates were locked. I was frustrated and thought, ‘well great, now what am I going to do?’, I didn’t want to just do a boring monotonous run; I wanted to get in some strength work too. And that was when my mind decided to create this workout :)

Trying to think of how I could sub in the effect of doing stadiums, I started my run back up, and decided that whenever I came to a classroom building with stairs outside, I would run up them, and then continue on my run. But then I cam to a picnic bench, and thought, ‘hey, this would be a good way to do step ups!’ So then throughout my run any time I came to a bench I would stop as well, do about 20 step ups, and continue on my run. And lastly, I came to a medium ledge, and thought once again, what a great way to do squat jumps! So, I did about 10 squat jumps, and continued on ym way until I came to another set of stairs, a picnic bench, or a ledge. And then finished on my back patio with some abs..


This collage sums up my workout that morning :) And yes, I’m a college student on a college campus, but that doesn’t mean those that aren’t at one can’t do this same thing in the area around them! What started out as a frustrated morning of thinking my plan was ruined, turned into one of my most spontaneous and fun workouts yet! See, there’s no need to go to a gym all the time to get in a workout. Not saying the gym is bad, because I do go for weights, but you get what I’m saying. You make do with what you have (even though I do warn you that you may get some weird stares every once in awhile). But you’ll have the satisfaction of a great, fun workout that those staring at you will not have had!