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Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

14 Apr

Okay, so I cheated with this one. Not necessarily a homemade recipe this time. But I’d like to think I made it my own by adding in certain things:)

Are you a big mint fan? York Patties. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Shamrock Shakes. Well this is for you!

It was my boyfriend’s birthday and I was trying to think of what to make him. He loves Mint. He loves Chocolate Chip Cookies. So what did I come up with? Chocolate chip cookie cake!

But I was a little too lazy and short on time to make homemade dough. So I went the easy way out :)

This is made with store bought dough. Yet..special ingredients added it! So I guess I can still call it my own:)


Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
-1 pouch of sugar cookie mix
-ingredients on back of pouch for cookies
-1 bag of mint and dark chocolate chip
-1 tsp mint extract
-Optional: green food coloring
Directions: Preheat oven according to back of mix. Made sugar cookie dough as instructed on back of mix. Add in extract and chips. Add green food coloring in for a fun effect if desired. Cook according to back of mix for cookies, or make in a round pan for a cake!


Here’s another time I made this recipe but added green food coloring and made as cookies instead! So fun for the holidays especially:)


Homemade Pasta from Scratch

30 Mar

As you all know, I performed a cooking demo in front of other students last week for my Culinary Arts Student Union club (CASU), showing them how to make pasta from scratch. But I never got to give all of you the details as to how YOU can do it too! So I decided I would take today to do exactly that so that you can make this delicious, better-than-you-would-get-at-an-italian-restaurant, pasta yourself!

It is SO simple. you really only need three ingredients for the pasta itself, and NO special machinery, just a simple roller, and knife to cut the dough with.

First step:(If not wanting to do it the true Italian way, you can simply mix all these things in a bowl for less of a mess!) Take two cups of flour and put on counter, making a volcano type shape so you have a “pit” that will hold your eggs. Crack two eggs into the “pit” of flour, add a touch of olive oil, and begin to slowly beat it all together, incorporating the flour little by little from the sides, without breaking the barrier completely so that the liquid does not run out. As it gets thicker and more “dough-like”, you won’t have to be careful anymore, and can incorporate the rest of the flour until a ball forms.

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (7 of 26) Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (9 of 26)

Step 2: Knead dough by folding it over on itself, and then pressing in with the heels of your hand. Repeat until the dough is pliable and has been thoroughly kneaded.

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (11 of 26)

Step 3: Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough until desired pasta thickness

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (15 of 26)

Step 4: Roll the flattened dough up into a log shape, and then cut the log width-wise.

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (13 of 26)

Step 5: Unravel the cut up pieces from the “log”, and prepare boiling water on stove with a touch of salt

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (14 of 26)

Step 6: Place pieces of dough into boiling water, and cook until done!

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (19 of 26)

Step 7: Prepare any toppings you would like, such as these veggies which we cut up and sauteed in a pan.

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (18 of 26)

Step 8: Serve veggies over freshly cooked pasta, top with any cheese or sauce you may want (we drizzled olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and topped with veggies+shredded Parmesan cheese). Mix and allow all the flavors to combine and the cheese to slightly melt. Enjoy!

Casu Spring Rolls & Pasta Demo (23 of 26)

I hope you all will give this a try! It is so much fun to do, and it’s a delicious, easy, and healthy meal!