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“Not-tella” and Banana Nut Muffin Butter

9 Jun

This may have been my greatest idea yet. I have been on a nut butter craze since this no sugar challenge. Also, with just eating healthier and avoiding bad fats, I have been loading up on all the delicious good fats, like homemade almond butter, avocados, and coconut oil! I am not exaggerating when I say I make homemade nut butter at least once a week. I dont know what happens. One moment, the jar is full..and a few days later, it has disappeared! :) I have also been eating an avocado a day–a new favorite food of mine!

So I went to go make my normal weekly raw almond butter, but then saw 2 ripe bananas that needed to be dealt with. Usually I just cut these up and freeze them (my favorite snack!), but today, a genius idea came into my mind.

I had wanted to make a sweet nut butter for awhile. Specifically, a chocolate one. But with no sugar allowed, I decided against it for awhile..until today.

What you’re about to see below is what I would like to call “Not-tella”. What kind of name is that you may ask? Well, this is surely not that name brand Nutella stuff..similar, but so much better. And did I mention it is so much healthier?! Ahh I think I died and tasted a bit of heaven when licking the spoon the first time. I could eat this whole batch. But I won’t. Let’s just hope it makes it through the week :)

I also made a batch without cocoa powder in it. This I would like to call banana nut muffin butter. Why? Well, it’s a nut butter, it has bananas, and tastes like a delicious, creamy butter version of banana bread!

If you try one thing tomorrow, this must be it. You will be SO thankful you did.

photo 3

-2 cups raw almonds (can use store bought butter–1 cup)
-1 large ripe banana
-1.5 T cocoa powder
Directions: Food process enough almonds to make 1 cup of nut butter (about two cups). This step will take awhile. Once blended into butter, add in 1 large ripe banana. Blend again. Add in cocoa powder. Blend once more. Enjoy! Keep refrigerated.

For Banana Nut Variety: Leave out cocoa powder. Add 1/4 cup chopped almonds after all blending is done (for a banana NUT muffin taste!)

For Almond Joy Variety: Add 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut with banana and blend. You can also add coconut extract if desired. For a non-banana almond joy recipe, check this post out.

photo 1

Blend the nuts into butter first

photo 2

Add chopped banana and blend


photo 3

Banana Nut Muffin Butter Variety!

Banana Health Benefits:
1)High in potassium which prevents muscle cramping
2)counteracts calcium loss
3)Helps overcome depression because of Tryptophan
4)Heightens your mood, relieve PMS, and cause relaxation
5)High in B6 which prevents swelling and aids in weight loss
6)Rich in pectin which aids in digestion
7)High in fiber
8)Makes you more alert

Almond Healthy Benefits:
1)Relief from respiratory disorders
2)Aids in hair, skin and dental care
3)Improves digestion
4)Can relieve coughs
5)Good for those with diabetes
6)Heart Healthy


Pumpkin Coconut Spread

14 Mar

Yes, another pumpkin recipe.

My toast with the pumpkin coconut spread, and topped with chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chips!

My toast with the pumpkin coconut spread, and topped with chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chips!

I told you, whether it’s fall or spring, pumpkin is my favorite. But I wouldn’t mislead you and give you a recipe that isn’t absolutely 100% delicious. Even if you aren’t a pumpkin fanatic like I am, I am almost certain you will fall in love with this spread. Spread it on toast, eat as a dip with crackers or cookies, or like me, just devour with a spoon! It can also serve as a good add in for shakes and oatmeal to give a little extra flavor!

You know how there is either crunchy peanut butter or creamy, well this can be made in sort of a same way! You can make it with a little texture, and add in shredded coconut, or, smooth and creamy by adding in coconut butter! Don’t know what coconut butter is or don’t have any? You can make your own! It’s just like grinding peanuts into peanut butter, if you food process coconut, you get coconut butter! So delicious by the way :) Anyways, I ask that you give this recipe a shot. It’s not your normal “healthy” dip that lacks flavor. It’s full of that spice-filled taste of fall, along with a hint of pina colada we all love. ¬† I know you won’t be disappointed :)

photo 4

Pumpkin Coconut Spread
-1 can of pumpkin
-2 T cream cheese (can be fat free if you are watching calories)
-1/4 cup almond milk
-1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (or 1/4 cup coconut butter)
-1 T coconut oil, melted
-3 packs stevia or 1/4 cup agave
-1 tsp butter vanilla extract (or vanilla if that’s all you have)
-1 T cinnamon
Directions: Blend cream cheese and pumpkin together until cream cheese is mixed thoroughly (either with processor, electric beater, or blender). Add all other ingredients in and combine until even throughout. Taste for sweetness, and add more if you have a big sweet tooth!
Directions for Creamy Variation: Food process 1/2 cup coconut until butter form (or if using store bought butter, make as directions above except for add coconut butter instead of shredded coconut.) Proceed to make as directed above.