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My “Ultimate Burger” Cooking Class

6 Apr

This past Thursday I got to teach another cooking class at my university! This week’s theme was the “ultimate burger”. I don’t cook meat too often, so I experimented the week before just to test out different burger possibilities:)

Me and the other leaders in our culinary club came up with some awesome options for them to make! We created a mushroom and blue cheese stuffed burger, a Thai style one with sauteed pineapple and a sweet tangy sauce, a normal cheeseburger with onions, mushrooms, and cheese, and many more! But by far the most unique one that we did a demo for in the beginning was the “Elvis burger”! It was stuffed with cheese, and then had peanut butter and caramelized bananas on top! Weird right?! It was..well as you know my desire for healthy foods, it wasn’t the biggest hit for me. But many actually liked it! Haha.

But when given the choice as to what to make for themselves, most chose the mushroom and blue cheese burger :)

It was so much fun to teach them how to mold the patty, test the burger to know when it’s cooked enough, and assemble everything. And as always, it was great experience for me too. Here’s a collage with some of the different burger choices and all the students cooking!

photo 1


Mushroom and Blue Cheese
-about 5 mushrooms, diced small
-1 oz. blue cheese
-1/4 pound ground beef
-garlic salt, salt, pepper
Directions: Sauté mushrooms on stove. Make two very thin patties of meat. On one, place mushrooms and blue cheese. Put other patty on top and pinch sides together to make one patty. Season with salts and pepper generously on both sides. Cook on stove in a little bit of olive oil. Press in center with finger to test doneness. Shouldn’t be too firm, about the feeling of the palm of your hand :)

Thai Burger
-Pineapple slice
-ground beef
-optional: cheese
-Sauce ingredients: mayo, Hoisen sauce, peanut butter, brown sugar, touch of salt.
Directions: Saute pineapple and onions separately. Make burger normally, or stuff with cheese as instructed with the burgers above. Top with sauteed pineapple and onions. Combine all sauce ingredients to get taste of you’re liking (mostly mayo with about a T of each other). Spread sauce on both sides of bun, assemble burger.

Elvis Burger
-1/2 banana
-peanut butter
-cheddar cheese
-ground beef
Directions: Stuff patty with cheese as instructed above. Sauté banana slices in pan on stove. Cook burger as normal. Top with sauteed bananas, spread peanut butter on bun, enjoy!