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8 Minute Abs

26 Oct

A quick little post to check in with my fit family over the weekend! Have you been active in any way yet??


If not, find a place on the floor and do this EIGHT MINUTE workout. Who doesn’t have 8 minutes?!


Working out does not have to mean going to the gyms for hours. No excuses for not doing this one :)


Have a great weekend my loves!

photo 2

8 Minute Abs

24 Jul

Are you ready for the challenge? This is my go-to after a quick run when I don’t want to go to the gym for strength. Abdominal muscles are such a key group in your body that are important for so many reasons when living an active life.

No stopping, no breaks, eight complete minutes of constant work for those abdominal muscles! Challenge yourself. I am always sore after doing this :)

What is your favorite muscle group to work??

Facts and Tips about abdominal muscles below.

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Ab Facts
1) You don’t need to train them every day: you will actually overwork them. Think of them as any other muscle group, they need rest days
2) Doing ab specific exercises alone will not tone your stomach. To reveal chiseled abs, you need to train all your major muscle groups, do cardio, and follow a healthy diet.
3) If your abs are the star of the show, think of your lower back as the supporting cast. Strong lower back muscles allow to to safely complete intense ab workouts without injury
4) Skip the ab equipment on infomercials: the most effective ab-targeted moves are actually ones done at home with no equipment (see above workout).
5) Don’t let those abdominals be overlooked: those with a high percent stomach fat are more likely to develop osteoporosis
6) Last and most importantly, diet rules over any exercise: there is no workout that can help a bad diet. Eating healthy monounsaturated fatty acids like avocados, nuts and olive oil are known to actually help prevent weight gain in your belly. Fat is your friend, no foe :) (look here and here for some great healthy fat recipes!)


Stadium Workout

25 May

Sorry about the lack of workout posts. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in all my cooking creations that I forget to post workouts as well! So I’m going to start catching up on some more in the next few weeks :)

This is a workout I did while still up at college this past spring. A stadium is a great place to get in a fun, yet beneficial workout. You would be surprised at all the things you can do in a stadium. Don’t be fooled, you can do so much more than some cardio of running up and down the stairs (which is still a good thing to do!).

I always start out with running some stairs just to get warmed up and my heart rate up. I will usually run for about 10-15 minutes, only going up to the first entrance (row 30 or 33), and then jog across to the next aisle, go down the stairs, jog across the bottom, and go up the next aisle’s set of stairs. Pretty self explanatory :)

Then I begin to incorporate strength work! This is where the fun creativity comes in. I’ll do squats, squat jumps up the bleachers, ab exercises, push-ups, other arm exercises..the sky is the limit! Down below I’ll post exactly what I did one day.


Stadium Workout
Run up and down stairs around stadium for 10-15 minutes
3 sets of each of the following in a row
-squat jumps up the bleachers to row 30
-10 dips off of bleacher
-10 pushups
-ab leg raises (lay on bleacher with legs hanging off of end, keeping legs         together, raise them up and then back down–20 reps)
Rest in between sets for about 2 minutes
Run up stairs all the way to the top of stadium (really far and hard, you’ll be dying by the time you reach the top)–walk or slowly jog down
3 sets of the following in a row
-plank walks up the bleachers to row 30 (switching direction of head half way          through to work other side of abs and arms)
-single leg squats off of bleacher–15 reps each leg
-10 decline pushups (feet on higher bleacher than hands)
Run all the way to top one more time. Slowly jog or walk down

*Don’t forget to stretch! :)

Leg and Ab Workout

15 May

For those of you looking for a good workout routine to do at your gym, look no farther! Here I have it all laid out as to how to go about getting a good strength workout in.

I ran the 10 minutes to my gym on campus, but if running on the treadmill works better for you once there, that works too! Just do anything for 5-10 minutes to warm up your muscles.

This workout really targets your legs and abdominal muscles. Sneaking in 25 reps of ab exercises throughout your leg exercises adds up! And before you know it, you’ll be struggling to do that last set of 25 reps! Its a good one for sure :)

After getting home, I wanted to quickly refuel while making my meal, so I took one of my chocolate chip cookie protein pancakes out of the freezer that were leftover, dabbed some leftover chocolate mousse, and ate that baby up so quickly!


P.S. My “hip lowers standing on a box”, are basically just single leg squats on a box! :)

Cardio and Strength II

16 Apr

Tired of your usual gym routine? Don’t know what to do when you get there? Want a little bit of both cardio and strength work? This is for you!

I know I’ve shared one with some cardio and strength already, but I thought you all would love to have options to choose from on my I’m providing you another workout I’ve done in the past! It’s great because once again, doesn’t take hours to do. Have just an hour to spare in between classes, meetings, or work? Try this one!


Cardio and Strength

2 Apr

My goal is not to be skinny. My goal is to be strong:)

Lately, I’ve been sticking to just strength and weight work instead of cardio. I just love feeling strong. And when I’m not needing to lose weight, it’s much healthier for me to get that strength in the weight room. But don’t think that is how it’s always been. Believe it or not, just last year I was a student-athlete on my university’s cross country and track team, running over 50 miles a week! So I understand those that love doing that kind of thing. And I’m sure down the road, I may begin to do little fun runs again. But for now, I love doing total body strength workouts.

I know a lot of people out there love to do some cardio though. I mean, it is very healthy to get out there and be active, getting that heart rate up! So sometimes, I do a little bit of both. Here is a workout you can do in a short amount of time, it only took me about 40 minutes altogether! Rushed in between a meeting and bible study and got all of this done within the hour I had:)

So you want a workout with a little bit of cardio and a little bit of strength? This is for you! Hope you try it out sometime when your on the way to the gym and don’t know what you should do:)


Total Body Strength 1

17 Mar


My family was never one to necessarily celebrate this fun holiday, but I know many people do! Whether it be making fresh corn beef and cabbage, or making yummy leprechaun desserts..What is you’re St. Patrick’s Day tradition?! Look back to Friday’s post about my Peanut Butter Apple smoothie if you want a healthy way to celebrate this green holiday:)

On to my post for today, I decided to take a break from my recipes and show you my side of fitness that I love!

Some people think that cardio is all you need. All they do is run or get on the elliptical/bike and call it a day. Well you might see a high number of calories burned while doing cardio, but once you stop, that’s where you’re body stops burning.

But did you know that strength work with weights actually allows your body to continually keep burning that extra fat long after you leave the gym? Research actually shows that’s for every pound of muscle you add, your body burns 50 more calories a day. It also shows that after a weight training session, your body can burn up to 15% more than it normally would have that day!

For the ladies out there reading: “Weight training is only for guys”, is something I hear pretty often. And that proves to be a true mindset of many young women, as whenever I go into the weight room section, I’m usually one of the few girls among the crowds of guys. But that statement isn’t true. And if you’re scared you’re going to look like this huge muscle builder by simply adding a couple of weight training sessions to your week, please throw out that false thinking right now! Weight work will allow you to keep toned and replace any of that unneeded, extra fat with muscle.

And if you are an avid runner or any athlete actually, strength work will help prevent injury. As a competitive runner for many years myself, I know whenever I began to have knee pain or other injuries emerged, it was always in one of my “weaker” times; times when I wasn’t focusing on any kind of weight work or on strengthening my body because of filling my time with all the miles demanded of me. But from experience let me tell you, you will never achieve your highest potential without strengthening your muscles. Your body just isn’t naturally made for 50 mile running weeks (which was my case back then), or for any very active lifestyle that is constantly pushing the body.

So to sum it up, whether your focus is on weight loss, staying toned, or competing to your best ability, strength work is something you should begin incorporating in your every week schedule! After resigning from my college running team, I’ve changed my idea of exercise and working out to a lot more “weight focused” rather than “cardio-focused” :) Below I’ve listed one of my many days at the gym. This one is a quick, yet a beneficial weight session that you can do in minimal time when you’re in a rush or have a lot to do. It’s one of my go to workouts as a busy college girl always on the run!


Strength Workout
-Preform 3 sets of the following 4 exercises consecutively: 25 squats with dumbbell, 25 db lunges, 25 kettleball swing squats, 10 push ups
-Rest 1 or 2 minutes in between each set and circuit
-Next circuit of 3 sets each: 10 reps each arm bicep db curls, 10 tricep extensions, 10 arm rows each arm.
-Ab time! 3 sets of each on ball: 25 crunches (with or without db), 25 side twists on ball, 25 backward crunches (as I like to call them, or what some people call “ball jackknife”.

My “All Around Campus” Workout

12 Mar

Bored with your normal workout routine? Tired of being cooped up in the gym? Having a hard time staying motivated up at college to workout? Well keep reading, because I think I may have a solution for you..

A few weeks ago I got up in the morning, put my shoes on, and head out the door in planning to run the half a mile to our stadium at the University of Florida to do stadiums (I’ll post some or those workouts soon!). But, as I got up to the stadium, the gates were locked. I was frustrated and thought, ‘well great, now what am I going to do?’, I didn’t want to just do a boring monotonous run; I wanted to get in some strength work too. And that was when my mind decided to create this workout :)

Trying to think of how I could sub in the effect of doing stadiums, I started my run back up, and decided that whenever I came to a classroom building with stairs outside, I would run up them, and then continue on my run. But then I cam to a picnic bench, and thought, ‘hey, this would be a good way to do step ups!’ So then throughout my run any time I came to a bench I would stop as well, do about 20 step ups, and continue on my run. And lastly, I came to a medium ledge, and thought once again, what a great way to do squat jumps! So, I did about 10 squat jumps, and continued on ym way until I came to another set of stairs, a picnic bench, or a ledge. And then finished on my back patio with some abs..


This collage sums up my workout that morning :) And yes, I’m a college student on a college campus, but that doesn’t mean those that aren’t at one can’t do this same thing in the area around them! What started out as a frustrated morning of thinking my plan was ruined, turned into one of my most spontaneous and fun workouts yet! See, there’s no need to go to a gym all the time to get in a workout. Not saying the gym is bad, because I do go for weights, but you get what I’m saying. You make do with what you have (even though I do warn you that you may get some weird stares every once in awhile). But you’ll have the satisfaction of a great, fun workout that those staring at you will not have had!

Walking is Good Exercise?

5 Mar

Well now that it’s obvious, I’ll answer the question and say YES, walking is so good for you

A little disclaimer before I go on: I am NOT any licensed doctor or anything, just a girl who has read up on a lot about health and nutrition and has a lot of experience herself with it. So please take my words however you would like :)

But when you think of exercising, I bet walking isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to your mind. Maybe more intense things such as running, getting on the elliptical, or riding the bike would be more commonly thought of. But whether you’re a super active person, or one that is just trying to get out for the first time, walking for a short 30 minutes even is so beneficial.

For those who are super active, walking is a great way to get out in the fresh air, yet still give your body a break from all the intensity of prior days. When you aren’t specifically training for something, and aren’t looking to lose weight, taking a nice, relaxing walk in the sun is a good way to still be active yet give yourself a mental and physical break :) And for those that tend to stay indoors more and are wanting to become more active, this is a great starting point! I think some people get discouraged before even beginning to exercise, because they think they have to be like that one person in the gym running for miles and miles with no end in sight. But just getting out should be your starting point. And let me tell you, walking has so many benefits! It’s not just “the activity you do when you can’t do anything else”, it can become a daily part of a healthy and fit life.


Today I took a walk around my lake in my neighborhood as I’m home for Spring break, and it was the inspiration of this post. I think even I too often forget how great just a good, relaxing walk can be. And with all the stress and chaos in our day to day life now, your mind will also be thankful :) If you haven’t given yourself that time lately to just take a mental break and get out in the sun, I challenge you to do it today!  I’ll leave you off with some health benefits of what just a 30 minute walk can do for you from Drs. Oz and also my own experience..

It boosts your immune system
It saves you on gym costs
It can save your mind
It keeps your heart healthy
It can slim you down.
It deflects diabetes.
It can allow for good vitamin D exposure
It reduces stress
It revs up your energy
It makes you happier :)