Taco Salad

2 Jul

You know those taco salads you can order out at any Mexican restaurant? Aren’t they just delicious?

But did you know that most of them have more calories and fat that a typical entree?! Yes, a salad, made unhealthy. Welcome to America. It’s horrible how people think they are selecting the healthy option, when in reality, it is just as bad as any other choice on the menu.

The ground beef, shredded cheese, beans, tortilla chips, creamy dressing…Does it taste good? Oh of course. Is it healthy? Ehh, to say the least no it is not. But have no fear, you can now enjoy this lovely taco salad again, but in a healthy new way! I have prepared for you all, a nutritious spin on this heavy laden taco salad. And boy, it is delicious! Made with ground turkey and my homemade chia wraps, toasted as tortilla chips. Oh, and a protein packed delicious creamy dressing instead of that fattening dressing you get served at restaurants. Enjoy!

photo 1

Taco Salad
For Salad:
-2 cups romaine lettuce, shredded
-1/4 cup each: sliced bell peppers, red onion, raw corn
-2 red cabbage leaves, cut
-1/2 big tomato, diced
-1/4 Cup garbanzo beans,cooked
-1/2 cup ground turkey, cooked

1T dijon mustard
-1T Greek yogurt
-1T milk
salt and pepper to taste

-My homemade chia wrap, found here
-1T salsa

Directions: Place lettuce on plate and top with al the vegetables, beans, and meat. Mix dressing ingredients together and drizzle over top. Finish with one heaping spoonful of salsa. Toast chia wrap (or other healthy wrap), and serve on side.


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