Where is all the pumpkin?! +my homemade squash substitute

18 Jun
No more Libbys canned pumpkin in SW Florida :((

No more Libbys canned pumpkin in SW Florida :((

But seriously..is anyone else having a hard time finding canned pumpkin in their normal grocery store?! You know me, a little pumpkin obsessed. Yet, Publix (my grocery store), doesn’t have it anymore! Ever! All they have is that yucky sugar filled “pumpkin pie filling”. No thanks.

I had to do something about this problem. Hence, why no pumpkin recipes have been posted lately :( But have no fear! After some research, I found out that buttercup squash is almost just like a pumpkin, but just a bit drier in texture! So, I went and bought myself one of those buttercup squashes, and the result was absolutely delicious.

It was a little dry compared to fresh cooked pumpkin like it claimed, so I decided to puree it all with a couple little additions, so that it would be ready to take out and use when desiring it! It added a little bit of flavor and sweetness without any added sugar along with a creamy smoothness, so that I could use it as a delicious spread on my daily toast (yes, I have toast every single day, I love it<3). Or in shakes, or in oatmeal, or with a spoon! Ahh, why do I love pumpkin so much? Yes, this definitely fulfilled my pumpkin expectations<33

photo 1

Buttercup Squash Pumpkin Substitute
-1 buttercup squash
-2 cups almond milk or water
-1T cinnamon
-2 tsp vanilla extract
-1 tsp sea salt
Directions: Place squash in preheated oven at 400 degrees (yes, you can just put it in whole to prevent extra mess!). Bake until slightly soft on outside, about 45 minutes to an hour. Take out of oven when slightly soft and cut in half. Scoop out seeds. Discard or wash to bake later! Scoop out the flesh of the squash from the skin and place it into a blender. Add the milk/water (milk for creamier version), cinnamon, extract, and salt. Blend until smooth. Store in fridge! Can you in place of canned pumpkin, or as a simple not too sweet spread on toast :)

Buttercup Squash Benefits:
1)Iron rich, comparable to red meat!
2)Rich in Calcium-22% more calcium than milk
3)High in vitamin A
4)Low in fat
5)Fiber content is higher than most vegetables
6)Excellent source of beta-carotene
7)Rich in magnesium (important in activating enzymes required for muscle and nerve function)

6 Responses to “Where is all the pumpkin?! +my homemade squash substitute”

  1. Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race June 18, 2013 at 11:57 am #

    When I first read this I was thinking ButterCUP squash? Did she mean ButterNUT squash? I had never heard of buttercup but through the power of google I found it and sure enough it actually exists and looks like a kobocha squash.

    • freshfitnhealthy June 18, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

      haha glad we have google these days :) I constantly hear about kabocha squashes on IG and I have yet to EVER find one!! But this one is so good! Just blend it with liquid and it is an amazing puree

      • Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race June 18, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

        My wife is the queen of Google. I ask her a question and before I know it the iPad is out and Google is answering my question.

        Should have gotten an Android so I could just ask Google directly instead of Siri.

      • freshfitnhealthy June 18, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

        haha I always forget about Siri..She must get bored with having nothing to do.

      • Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race June 18, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

        I typically end up just yelling at her because nothing ever comes out right with her interpretations of my words.


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