Smoked Salmon Seaweed Rolls

11 May

I don’t know how I never thought of it before.

You know those little seaweed snacks sold in the packages? Those little delicious salty squares of dried seaweed? Well did you know you can make mini sushi rolls out of them?! I didn’t. Until the other day that is..

My mom had just come home with a bunch of smoked salmon from our very loved Costco. And we had lots of ripe avocados. So what did I do? I made mini healthy sushi rolls.

Did you know most sushi isn’t actually healthy whatsoever?? People think all sushi is healthy, but when you get the fried mayo or cream cheese filled rolls, along with all that rice, a normal sushi meal ends up adding up to around lots of mayo, about 6 pieces of bread, and a scant 1 oz of raw fish or whatever protein you get. That doesn’t sound healthy whatsoever to me.

But, there is hope for sushi. You can opt for the healthy way out. Instead of rice, ask for a roll wrapped in seaweed or cucumber instead. Or, get brown rice and sashimi (pieces of raw fish), instead of eating all of that mayo and cream cheese that fills those rolls. Or, like this, make your own!

photo 3

These were the perfect appetizer to go along with our big salad and 1/2 sweet potato. They were absolutely delicious. Want something a little more substantial? Cook up some brown rice or quinoa and add a bit of that to your roll! But these were a great pre-meal creation :)

photo 2

Smoked Salmon Seaweed Rolls
-1 package of roasted seaweed snack sheets
-smoked salmon, sliced
-avocado, sliced thinly lengthwise
-cucumber, sliced thinly
-Optional: brown rice/quinoa
Directions: Wet seaweed sheets lightly with water until flexible. Fill with other ingredients. Wrap seaweed around ingredients until overlapping with other side. Enjoy!


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