Honey-Lime Chicken

3 May

Guess what? I’m planning a surprise birthday party for my mom this weekend.

You may ask, why are you telling me this? Well, I decided as one of the entrees, to make chicken and veggie kabobs! So of course I had to experiment with marinades for it:)

I made this one and marinated chicken breasts in it for a couple hours and put them on the grill for dinner last night, and they turned out amazing! My mom was obsessed with it and said “the chicken is just so moist and good!”. I then knew what marinade I was going to use Saturday.

Now this may sound like a weird combination somewhat, but it tastes so delicious! All the flavors come together so perfectly. Next time you are looking for a healthy marinade, look no farther, this is a winner. A sweet, yet savory and rustic flavor at the same time. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

photo 4

Honey-Lime Chicken Marinade
-1/4 cup soy sauce
-3 T honey/agave
-1/4 cup white vinegar
-juice from one lime
-2 tsp sriracha
Directions: Mix altogether and coat chicken breasts. Leave soaking in marinade in fridge for at least an hour. Cook chicken as desired!


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