Cleansing Green Juice

1 Apr

Stuffed from that big Easter meal yesterday? Feeling sick from all of that chocolate and candy the bunny brought?

Well I have the drink for you! Whenever I wake up feeling heavy, dehydrated, or just plain icky..I start my day off with this boy. It is so refreshing and will make you feel so cleansed:)

photo 3

You can even make it ahead of time at night and store it in jars for the morning like I did! Even if you aren’t one of those people into “juicing or any of that green stuff”, I promise you that you will enjoy this one! Try it :)

Cleansing Green Juice
-1 apple, diced small
-1 or 2 cups spinach/kale mix
-small piece of fresh ginger
-filtered water
-sweeten with a packet of stevia if desired!
Directions: Place apple, greens, and ginger in blender. Fill with filtered water to cover all the ingredients. Blend! Sweeten with stevia or add a touch of seasoning to taste!

**Note: You may ask, isn’t juice not suppose to have all the fruit and vegetable blended into it? But this juice does! I love blending the entire part of the apple and greens into it, because then you not only get a lot of the benefits of the juice, but also all the good fiber from the fruits themselves! It’s a pulpy drink, but so yummy!

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