Peanut Butter Apple Smoothie

15 Mar

A smoothie..served in a bowl?

For me, the best way to enjoy a smoothie is with a spoon! I love when it’s so thick, that serving it in a bowl is the best option :)

Smoothies are such a healthy, well-rounded choice for breakfast, a snack, post-workout or even dessert! And the best part, you can make it whatever you would like. Feeling a sweet craving? Make a chocolate one. More in a fruity mood? make a strawberry banana one. In the middle between the two? Then this peanut butter apple one is for you! Smoothies are so customizable, you can make them according to your own sweetness liking, and according to your own dietary needs! For me, I usually always add a scoop of protein powder to get some extra protein and substance in me..but if you aren’t a fan of it, then just simply don’t add it :) I promise it will be delicious either way!

This specific recipe will allow you to get in some fruit, lots of good protein, healthy fats, and even some veggies! (say what?!) Yep. Would have never known, but there’s some greens in there! Try it out before you judge it, I can verify you will not taste it whatsoever:)


PB Apple Smoothie
-1 small apple, cored and diced
-2 T peanut butter (or pb2 for lower cal option)
-1.5 cups almond milk (or milk of preference)
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (can omit, will just be a little thinner)
-1/4 cup greek yogurt
-1/4 cup oatmeal (sounds weird but makes it more thick and yummy!)
-1/2 cup spinach (promise you won’t taste it! Just adds nutrients and color)
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-stevia/sugar/agave to sweeten
Directions: Blend all together! Pour into bowl and enjoy with a spoon :)

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